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Qingdao Hishing Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Qingdao HISHING Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, has nearly 13,000 square meters of production base at HISHING Smart Industrial Park,No.17,2nd of Longquan River Road, Automobile Industry New Town,Jimo District,Qingdao,China , registered capital RMB 20 million yuan, certificed with ISO 9001 quality certification system, is a high-tech joint-stock company who specializes R & D, manufacturing, sales and service for the intelligent household appliances controller (refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, water heater, kitchen electrical appliances and other computer boards), electronic products, instrumentation, embedded software and hardware and automatic control equipment.

  • Research and development, manufacture, sales and service of household appliances controllers (refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, water heaters, kitchen appliances and other computer boards).

  • Self service commercial device controller development, production and sales.

  • Embedded integrated software and hardware research and development.

  • Cashcode banknote recognizer is China's exclusive after sales agent.

  • Automatic livestock breeding equipment controller, electronic feeding device.


Domain advantage


Device access

Zero threshold operation, low R & D investment, and great expansion.

Online customized completes product panel and function configuration, the new function is upgraded online at any time.

The third party intelligent terminal can be easily selected online.

Additional product equipment, product system upgrade, new function control panel, etc. can be completed by online selection of required software services. Users can experience the latest functions without upgrading App.

Product standardized development, low input costs

Accumulated thousands of products intelligent solution experience, if you have intelligent product requirements, you can choose to avoid the development of a complete solution, the cost has been reduced to 70%.



Networking Module

Low power consumption and wide application

The power consumption of networking module is very low, and it will not have a great impact on the equipment itself, so it can be widely used in many fields.

At present, intelligent equipments equipped with networking modules are widely used in smart appliances, smart homes, network cameras, medical care, industrial wireless control, intelligent public transport and other fields.



Your Brand APP

Generate your own brand App online and control your smart device.

Simple steps to complete the App panel configuration online.

No need for design and development, for different products, the future intelligent support for a variety of custom App interface, with 10 minutes to complete the various functions of the App control panel settings.

Function online selection

Whether your product needs to implement hardware functions (such as switches, timing, etc.) or software services, it can be done on-line on-demand.

Upload personalized elements, highlight brand charm

You can define your own brand function, interface style, display effect, and upload.



Operation Center

Timely access to user feedback and sales data to help business decisions and product optimization.

Establish communication channels with users and maintain users easily.

Manufacturers can take the initiative to push brand, new products, using skills and other information, and form information interaction with consumers.

Operation of remote monitoring equipment to improve maintenance efficiency

When the fault occurs, the fault information reported by the equipment can help engineers locate the fault remotely and provide consumers with fast and comfortable service. At the same time, the fault information is automatically collected, and visual information charts are generated to facilitate engineers to trace the causes of the fault, optimize the product, and improve consumer satisfaction.



Data Center

Data is fully displayed between points.

Collect user preferences, and provide you with more suitable configuration options.

According to the user's use of the device, you can outline the user portrait, understand the target user needs and behavior. Thus we can grasp their preferences and behavior trajectories, and ultimately provide strong data support for product optimization and decision-making.



Corporate Style